Chatbots for Instagram

Automate Instagram with a chatbot and increase the number of subscribers, customer engagement and sales.

Official Instagram API

We only work with the white Instagram API. You do not need to worry that your account may be blocked.

A new approach to
usiness on Instagram

You can start using the following functions right now. Gradually we’ll add some more.
Direct messaging automation
You no longer need to send customers to follow the link in the bio or answer the same type of questions yourself. A user can direct a message, and the bot will answer him.
Mentions in stories
Instantly respond to users who mention your brand in their stories. So you can quickly work with the negative, make an additional sale, send a promo code or just thank the customer for the purchase.
Reactions to stories
Set up responses to users who react to your stories. Run any logic collected in the constructor.
Advertising on Instagram
If users go to the account direct from advertising, the bot will immediately respond to them and guide them further through the sales funnel. It helps to increase advertising efficiency.

Use the Botmother tools

Take the most from the builder — segment the audience with tags, configure additional scenarios using events, work with variables, link the bot to other applications with special services-connectors or API requests, and much more.

Connect other platforms

Interact with customers through a single bot on every platform: on Telegram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, VKontakte or Odnoklassniki. If you already have a bot, and you used the main components to create it, you won’t have to change or modify anything.

Create a bot for Instagram

Create your first test bot now for free.