Botmother — is a multi-platform bot constructor for businesses

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Botmother — is a multi-platform bot constructor for businesses
Make a bot once and it works in all the messengers – Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki.
How does it work?
Everyone can build/develop a bot with botmother, no need to be a programmer. All you need is a set of scripts to communicate with your users. Just a few steps in a Visual Editor - and you have your own bot that replaces your current FAQ section.
How long does it take to create a bot?
Just one day. Sometimes even faster. Any employee without special knowledge in programming is able to make it. You will need a coder' assistance only in case you require to build a complex bots structure integrated with different business units and CRM.
In what way my business benefits from botmother?
Here are a few ideas how to use bots in business:
Decrease burden on your contact centre up to 80%. Bots are able to answer FAQ using its knowledge base.
Clients book hotels, buy tickets, pay utility bills etc with the help of bots. No need to visit your website or mobile application.
Send special offers and updates to your clients, collect feedback about then company.
1 simple bot
Up to 1 bot
Up to 5 bots
Up to 20 bots
There is a discount 20% if you pay for a year in advance
1 simple bot
Up to 1 bot
Up to 5 bots
Up to 20 bots
for month
Button groups
Inputs of user messages
Documents, files and pictures
Email alerts
Dynamic hint button group
Dialogues in chat
Telegram Payments
API requests
Log for debugging

1 simple bot
Up to 1 bot
Up to 5 bots
Up to 20 bots
Dialogues in chat
API requests
Debug mode
Pay via wire transfer
14 days if you buy early subscription
14 days
14 days
Support via email
Support via chat
What does refund mean?
If you are not content with our bots: well, we will do our best to solve the issue, or we simply refund money within 14 days period (except montly Plan 1).
Why don't we offer a trial period?
You can try our Free plan for one bot and get the impression on how it works. No time limits. If you like our bot, and you wish to improve its functionality or you want to have additional bots - just upgrade your Tariff Plan.
How our support chat works?
We have an online support chat to answer any questions from our clients: about configuration, payments, integrations etc. Alternatively, you can always send your questions or ideas to our e-mail: wtf@botmother.com, usually we respond within an hour on weekdays.
Do you offer bots for WhatsApp?
Not all messengers allow to use bots. WhatsApp is one of them. Once WhatsApp launches their own API platform for bots, we will immediately integrate your bots on WhatsApp.
Do you have any paper contract?
No papers, sorry. Please read our Terms of Use.
What if your Tariff Plan doesn't suit me?
Please, contact us via e-mail hi@botmother.com and we will do our best to develop a special Tariff Plan based on your needs and scope of business.
How it works?
To create a bot, you do not need to know how to code. Sequentially connect the components as in a flowchart.
Answers from a bot.
Buttons group
A client does not need to write a message to the chatbot, he can simply click on one of the buttons.
If a client asks a chatbot too complicated question he will redirected to the dialogue with a live operator.
Rich multimedia
A chatbot can send a picture, video, location or document to a customer.
API requests
Connect a chatbot to the data that is stored in the company's internal systems. For example, a bot can show the balance on the loyalty card.
Depending on customer's response a fork shows the correct screen, or send a message.
How to start?
Sign up
Start with log in botmother|. Enter the name, e-mail and password.
Assemble chatbot with blocks
Use pre-build block for your business.
Chatbot is already in work
in Telegram, Facebook Messenger, VK, OK and Viber.
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