How to use ChatGPT in the bot

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool capable of maintaining a dialogue with the user, providing information and helping to solve various tasks. ChatGPT will be useful in many areas, including helping chatbots become even smarter and more interactive. ChatGPT understands users questions, answers them and remembers previous conversations for productive interaction with customers. Artificial intelligence performs a given role in the bot — describe what it should be, and GPT will perform this role during the dialogue.

Examples of bots with ChatGPT

Users have already started using ChatGPT in their bots. Here are examples of such bots for you to see the great possibilities of this technology:
  • A virtual technical support staff who helps clients with basic questions, relieves operators of routine tasks and helps to process negative reviews.
  • A role-playing game where ChatGPT assumes the role of a prosecutor, and the user is a defendant. You will defend your arguments and position in a virtual court.
  • Career guidance tests where the bot gives recommendations on the choice of profession based on the user answers.
  • An economic assistant who provides investment advice and analyzes markets.
  • ChatGPT in the role of a judge, taking into account previous decisions and changing conditions.
  • A bot that recommends movies, books and games based on user preferences.
  • A bot guide that provides information about places, attractions and historical facts.
  • A bot for learning languages, where ChatGPT offers exercises and learning materials, as well as tracks progress. For GPT, you can set the role of the interlocutor and communicate with him in the selected language.

How to connect ChatGPT to a bot

You can easily connect ChatGPT to a bot in Botmother.
1. First, we will get the API key in the Open AI personal account (Developers — API reference — Personal — View API keys).
2. In the builder, insert the received API key into the component and specify the role for GPT.
3. Now you need to write a question from the user to a variable — in our example, this is a note — and pass the request to ChatGPT. The response of the artificial intelligence will be written to the var variable.
4. The final step is to output the GPT response to the user.
For the first setup, we recommend using the step-by-step instruction. It describes all the functionality of the component and provides an example of connecting ChatGPT to the bot.
And if you do not want to study the instructions yourself, use a ready-made template. To do this, click the "Create a new bot" button in the constructor and select the "Integration with ChatGPT OpenAI" template.
Artificial intelligence can only be part of a bot scenario and interact with other scenarios. It can help users with a variety of tasks. Even this text was created using ChatGPT.
Do you have any questions or need help connecting ChatGPT to the bot? Write to us at or through the feedback form on the website.