Person ⭐
Ready ChatBot template for creators, bloggers, influencers, and other public person to interact
with their audience

Can I edit a bot?

Yes, of course! You can add, edit, change and delete any components, screens and functions.

A few examples of functionality

Create any bot logic and conversation diagram. Use your imagination ✨
Direct messaging automation
Automate conversation, create a poll and get feedback. If necessary, communicate via live chat. Customise answers based on user data.
Social media
Add all social media links.
Notify your subscribes about a new publication, start stream, news or other activity. Analyse Stats and conversion.
Sale items or receive donations
Offer to buy merch, handmade products, NFT-collection. Fundraising for charity, get donations, make limited content subscriptions.

Use the Botmother Tools

Take the most from the builder — segment the audience with tags, configure additional scenarios using events, work with variables, link the bot to other applications with special services-connectors or API requests, and much more.

Demo ChatBots

Telegram @person_demobot
Facebook Messenger @person.demobot
Instagram @person_demo

Easy for nocoders and beginners

Powerful for professional developers

How to start?

Sign up, tap "Create a bot" and choose "Person" template.