How to make a bot for business in 1 day

Project managers at two competing banks - Herman and Oleg got the task from their bosses: create a bot that displays currency exchange rates in messengers. Herman and Oleg have chosen different ways to solve the problem
Herman decided to go with old way — develop chat bot using agency
Oleg loves new technologies, so he decide to use botmother|
Herman talked to 10 agencies and chose the best three. He discussed the price, terms and possibilities of bots. Agencies have sent briefs.
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Олег берет готовые блоки и собирает бота
Oleg assemble bot with pre-build blocks.
1 business day
1 hour
Zero block
Oleg already started to test bot. It is already working in Telegram and Facebook Messenger
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create your own block from scratch
Herman fills three briefs and send it to the agencies. Now he is waiting for their responds.
+1 business day
+1 hour
is still
Oleg has to agree it with his boss
Tilda Publishing
create your own block from scratch
+2 business days
+10 minutes
Zero block
Boss: could you please show me how it looks like in messenger interface? I'm going to show it on all-hands meeting.
Oleg: Okay, here is screenshot

Tilda Publishing
create your own block from scratch

Herman received commercial proposals from all agencies. He send it to his boss for approval the results of negotiations. He is waiting for the answer.
+1 business day
+30 seconds
Herman's boss approved the payment
Agency started to work on the project.
Oleg has launched the bot for customers
Now customers see exchange rates directly in Telegram and Facebook Messenger. It's simpler than visiting a website or downloading an application.
Total: 1 week
just to start work on project
Total: 1 business day
to launch in 2 most popular messengers

botmother| helps to create useful cross-platform chat-bots for business in 1 business day
What is cross-platform bot?
Bots creating once up and running in a several messengers simultaneously. Now it's Telegram and Facebook messenger. Coming soon: Skype, Slack, Viber. Once we add support for new messengers, already created bots will work in them immideately.
What are the benefits to my business to create chat-bot?
Chat-bot is useful for:
1. Customer support: solve up to 80% of customers' questions.
2. Sales: clients pays in messengers with leaving it.
3. Marketing: send special offers and news.
Really? Only one day?
Sometimes even faster. Could be done by any employee who once in life was drawing a flowchar. Developers' help needs only to create complex chat-bots with internal systems integrations.
1 bot
Up to 5 bots
for month
Up to 20 bots
for month
1 bot
Up to 5 bots
for year
Up to 20 bots
for year
Questions and answers about payment
What does money back mean?
If you are disappointed with botmother|, no issues — we'll refund your money within 14 days. You can't receive money back after this period.
Why is there no trial period?
There is a free plan for one bot where you try and experiment. There is no time limit. If you like it, and you want another bot, change over to a paid plan.
What is support in chat?
There is the online chat in the interface of the constructor and on this site at the bottom left, where our support reps answer any questions about configuration, payment, integrations and so on. There's not a bot, but the real people, so the free plan hasn't such support. But you can always write to e-mail Usually we answer within an hour on weekdays, UTC+4 time.
And do you have WhatsApp?
Not all messengers support bots. WhatsApp is one of them. When WhatsApp launches the support of bots, we will integrate the constructor and your bots will automatically work in that messenger or in any others that we integrate in the future.
Do you have any paper contract?
No papers, sorry. Here is our Terms of Use.
No one plan fits me, what should I do?
Write us to e-mail we think something. If you need individual functional, the cost will be higher than the rate "Up to 20"bots" with the payment for the year.
How it works?
To create a bot, you do not need to know how to code. Sequentially connect the components as in a flowchart.
Chatbots says.
Buttons group
Client does not need to write text to chatbot, you can simply click on one of buttons.
It connects to a live operator dialogue, if the client asked chat-bot too complicated question.
Rich multimedia
Chat-bot could send a picture, video, location or document to a customer.
API requests
Connect chat-bot to data that is stored in the company's internal systems. For example, bot could show the balance on loyalty card.
Depending on customer's response indicates the correct screen, or send a message.
How to start?
Sign up
Assemble chat-bot with blocks
Use pre-build block for your business
Chat-bot already in work
in Telegram and Facebook messenger