What is Botmother?

Botmother is a cross-platform constructor to create bots for business. Make the bot once and it works in all the messengers – Telegram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, VK, OK.
Everyone can create a bot in Botmother, you don't need to know programming. You'll need to come up with the script of the bot's work: how it'll answer the user questions. Then it's a matter of skills – choose the desired components and combine it in the Visual Editor. In 1 hour you'll make the information bot, which will replace the standard FAQ.
It worths nothing — the first bot is free. But believe, it's addictive.
Why Do I Need Bots?
Here are a few ideas how to use bots in business:
Decrease burden from the contact center to 80%. Bots are able to answer similar questions from the knowledge base.
Clients book hotels and buy tickets, pay for parking and house bills with help of the bot, not visiting the site or application.
Send special offers and news to clients, collect feedback about the company.
Team Work
The bot informs about the new tasks or sends the values of KPI in the messenger.

How Does It Work?

Creating a bot in Botmother is similar to creating a normal logical chart or mind-card. You describe the steps of user conversation with the bot and connect them in the desired sequence.
Blocks in Botmother are the messenger's screens that a user sees. Components are added to the screens — text, images, buttons, the forks are all that the bot sends to user in answer. You set the rules of dialogue and connect screens on screen version. A user sends the text in messenger or selects buttons and bot sends the prepared reply – an article from the knowledge base, for example.
Bots in Botmother can collect API data from the other systems of the company and send it to the client. For example, bot can report the card balance or inform you of the flight delay.
If you don't know yet which kind of bot you need, we have already prepared bots for different kind of business — for the banks, travelling agencies, the Internet shop, etc. You can choose from our already prepared bots, if it is right what you need for your business, you can take the bot in the prepared form or just remake quickly the similar bot on the analogy.
Write to hi@botmother.com if you want to look at other examples of bots that we have.

How to Create a Bot in 5 Steps:

Start with log in Botmother. Enter the name, e-mail and password.
You are on the main page of the platform. Click the button "Add", name your bot and briefly describe what it can do.
You see the platform for creating the bot and the start screen. Add new screens via the button + in the lower right corner. On the right you see an editing block with worksheet: screens, palette, components, reviewing.

Palette. This is a list of ready-made components: text, buttons, images and other. Just move the essential component on the screen of your field.

Components. Here you edit components that were added to the screens. For example, change the text of the bot or choose to what screen leads the selected button.

Screens. You can rename added screens, hide or delete.

Don't forget to save the bot. Otherwise you can lose your work.
When the bot is ready check it in Facebook messenger. To do this, click on the messenger icon at the bottom of the Edit block.
If you want to launch your bot in Telegram, bear in mind that you need to ask permission from @BotFather for launching your bot in Telegram. Mini-instruction how to do it. Registration takes 1 minute, but the bot will be assigned to you forever.

How to Invite Users

In Botmother you can edit the bot with colleagues and even invite supervisor for commenting the bot.
Get in the Settings
Add the e-mail address in the block Invite the users and select the role for the user.
Administrator changes all settings.
Editor can edit bot screens approved by the administrator.
Guest can only view screens and comment bot.
Send invitation. User gets e-mail with a link to log in Botmother.

Have Questions?

Ask us in chat in interface of Botmother duiring the process of building the bot. Write to hi@botmother.com. Share your ideas how to make Botmother better and report about bugs.