User States

Using this section, you can view a list of bot users, filter by tags, name, platform, and platform ID.
If you click on the user name, you can see variables, user tags, and his location in the bot in the opened window.
This is necessary to effectively test the bot, track user conversions, and troubleshoot problems quickly.
For example, if a customer made a payment through the bot but didn't receive the service, you can check it by copying their ID from User States and searching for payments.
Also in the section you can make users testers to whom the bot will respond on the Test plan. To do this, click on the button Make а tester opposite the desired user. With the Remove from testers button you can remove the user from the testers. There can be no more than five testers at a time.
The active checkbox Filter test accounts shows only users added to testers.
If you want to remove from the testers a user whose state is cleared, you can do it with the Clear the list of testers button. All assigned testers will be deleted, even if the status of all or a specific user was previously cleared.