Botmother has helpers for all basic mathematical operations. All math heplers are linear.


You need helper "add" to add two numbers together:
{{add variable1 variable2}}
As in block helpers, in linear ones you can specify not only variables, but also literal values:
{{add 5 100}}
105 will be sent in a message.
If you need to add several numbers or variables, you can use helper "sum":
{{sum var1 var2 var3}}
It sums variable var1, variable var2 and variable var3.


We use helper "subtract" to subtract one number from another.
{{subtract variable1 variable2}}


We can use helper "multiply" to multiply one number by another:
{{multiply variable1 variable2}}


We can use helper "divide" to divide one number by another:
{{divide variable1 variable2}}


To round the resulting numbers to two decimal places, use component Record. Write value "var" in the final variable:
{{toRub variable}}
Where "variable" is the variable obtained after calculations.
If you need to create a variable with a fractional number after the dot, use helper:
{{toFixedRub variable ','}}
You can use the following helpers to round to an integer:
"floor" - always rounds down;
"ceil" - always rounds up;
"round" - rounds according to the rules of mathematics
{{variable 5.6}}
{{floor variable}}
As a result, the value of the variable will be rounded to 5.