The component sends an image to the user.
The maximum size of the uploaded image is 5 MB. But the smaller the size, the faster the picture is loaded, optimally —no more than 1 MB.
The name of the image is displayed below the image itself.
You can drag an image into a component from the screen of your device, select an image from the file system, or load a link to a file into the component.
There may be a variable in place of the file link. The main condition is that the variable value is a link to the file. This can be either last_request or an image sent by the user.
The link must contain a link to the image, such as follows:
You can specify the target platform or suspend the execution of the component.
VK has limits on uploading files through API. In order not to exceed the limits, we added a field for a link to an image from VK. If you specify it, the image that had been uploaded to the social network will be sent to VK. This download is faster and more reliable. At the same time, an image from a shared link or an image uploaded to a component will be uploaded to other messengers.
Example of the link: