The gallery works on Telegram, Facebook, Viber and VK. Creates slides inside the chat that scroll right and left. They consist of images, text, and buttons.
The buttons on the slides can lead to either a screen or an external site.
1. From the Components section on the right panel, drag or double-click the Gallery component to the desired screen.
2. Select an image from your computer's file system or upload a link to the image. The image format can only be jpg or png. We recommend uploading horizontal images. Facebook crops vertical images to fit the horizontal format. Images for VK must be necessary in the 13:8 ratio.
3. Fill in the Slide title, add the necessary buttons, fill in the text on the buttons. For VK the Slode title should be no more than 80 characters.The text on the buttons is limited to 19 characters without spaces. If there are more characters, the platform trims the text and adds a trailing colon.
4. Select the screen to navigate to the button. If the button will lead to an external link, you must check the External URL checkbox and enter the link in the Go to URL field.
5. Write a Message before gallery.
6. Fill in the Slide caption if you want the slide to be signed. If you don't need it, you can leave this field blank.
7. If you don't want the images to remain in the cache, check the Disable image caching checkbox.
Inside the component, you can move between slides by clicking on the slide number buttons below the Add slide button.
You can add a maximum of 10 slides, but they will always be displayed two at a time. Viber allows to add a maximum of 6 slides.
In the messenger, slides scroll left and right with arrows.
This is how a sent gallery with two slides looks like on Facebook: