How to Create Your First Bot

Let's create our first bot for Telegram.
1. Add a bot on the Main Page by clicking on the "Create bot" button.
2. Choose an empty template.
3. Drag the Text component to the Start screen from the Palette. Write some text, such as "Hello world!". Save the changes.
4. Open the @BotFather bot in Telegram and send it the command /newbot.
5. Submit a name for your new bot. The name will be displayed in contacts and chats.
6. Create a username for the bot and submit it. The bot can be found in Telegram by username.
7. Then @BotFather will send you a bot token. Copy it.
8. Insert the token in the bot settings in the builder. Save the changes.
9. Find your bot and write the command /start to it. It should send you a message from the Start screen. It's done!