The File event is triggered by a file sent by the bot user.
Supported formats: jpg, png, json, mp3, mp4, docx, pdf, tiff.
1. To create a File, go to SettingsEvents and click Add event. Enter a name for the event and select the type - File.
2. In Properties, specify the Name of variable, which will be used for saving file. You can leave this field empty, and then the file will be saved to the default variable.
3. In Properties, check or uncheck the Priority over other events checkbox. This is necessary if the user is on a component waiting for a file entry (Fork, User Input). If the checkbox is active, the event will be triggered after sending a file to the bot. If the checkbox is not active, the user will be redirected to the next screen in the script.
4. In Action, specify Type — select whether any Screen or Text will be sent to the user.
To delete an event, click on the cross in the upper-right corner.