Buttons with Hints

The component sends the user a text and buttons attached to the keyboard that allow you to select one of the answer options without typing it on the keyboard. It works on all platforms.

Appearance of the Buttons


  1. The transition to the screens in conjunction with Fork component.
  2. A phone number request.
  3. A geoposition request.

Configuring the Component

1. Create a screen and drag Buttons with Hints component from Palette on it.
2. Fill in the text field, and enter the name of the button in "Button label" field.
3. Add the desired number of buttons that will be located one under the other.
4. You can also add one or more button lines.
5. To switch to other screens, you need to use Fork component. Place Fork component under Buttons with Hints component. In "Value of the Goal" field, enter the text of the button, and select the desired screen from the drop-down list in "Go to the screen" field.
6. To use the button to get the user's location or contact, select the appropriate value in the button settings: location (get a location) or contact (get a contact).
7. In this case, you also need to specify the appropriate data type in Fork component.
When selecting location data type for a geo-location request, in the user's State two variables are formed: latitude (location.lat) and longitude (location.long).
8. If the user writes something to the bot instead of clicking the button, you can configure "Default Goal" in Fork component. Then the user will see the same screen with buttons again. To do this, in the settings, write the text that will be sent to the user and specify the same screen (or, if necessary, another one) for the transition.

Maximum Number of Buttons

Telegram — 100 buttons.
Facebook — 11 buttons.
Viber — 24 buttons.
VK — 10 buttons.
Odnoklassniki — 100 buttons that are drawn with text due to the features of the platform.

Get User's Contact

In Telegram, getting a contact works both on a desktop and on a mobile device. Geolocation works only on a mobile device.
In Facebook, you can only get a contact.
In Viber, getting a contact works both on a desktop and on a mobile device. Geolocation works only on a mobile device.
In VK, you can get geolocation through component Buttons with Hints for VKontakte. The user can also attach geolocation via VK interface by clicking on the paper clip icon and selecting "Map". You can't get a contact.