How and why we invented botmother

About Us and Origin
Three founders of botmother met when Durov hadn't invented the Telegram yet. Friends organized the first-ever business – Internet-shop in Kursk, Russia. But business didn't run, the shop was sold and the guys divided. But after 3 years they came up with the idea of creating bots at the same time from different spheres.
Constantin and Vitaliy developed business software. The guys worked with legal entities, and they often had to check details of companies for billing purposes. To obtain an extract from the USRLE in a second, they created a bot on Telegram platform. @egrul_bot suddenly became the most popular business bot in Russian Telegram.

Meanwhile, Sergey worked on service for automation of client support in different channels – Usedesk. Potential customers asked at the meetings about the decision for supporting in the messengers and bots. One company needed a bot in Telegram, which would help users to understand the knowledge base. Then Sergey wrote to Constantin and Vitaliy, and they began to work together.

So the project Usebots appeared – guys created bots for companies to order. There were a lot of orders and soon they needed a tool that would expedite the process of bot development. Thus, the idea of the constructor appeared, where you can quickly make the bot with the prepared blocks.
After Facebook opened its platform, the bots have become the main theme of the IT and business conferences. Suddenly everyone wanted bots. It became clear that the idea with the constructor is relevant not only for the programmer teams. Businesses need a way to create bots cheaply, quickly and without the help of the programmers.
In August 2016 the team began to develop a platform of botmother, and three months later the constructor was ready
About botmother
Botmother has a serious advantage over the other constructors: bot which is constructed on botmother can work in all messengers. In botmother any mortal man'll create a bot in an hour – knowledge of programming is optional.

We have two types of clients. On the one hand, companies which need bots for their business but lack time to communicate with contractors. On the other hand, studios which are creating bots or just willing to try to create them. In this case botmother |helps them to create bots faster and thus earn more.

We are in favour of smart and useful bots. That's why we taught constructor to connect to API of external systems and to collect the necessary information. With the help of such clever bots users manage orders, check account balance, buy plane tickets. Or the bot informs about important events – it's time to pay for credit, flight delay, mother-in-law's birthday.
We Are in Favour of Smart and Useful Bots
We believe that it's wrong to run bots only according to the principle of "everyone has and we have to". Bots must bring a profit to the business. We added stats in botmother so that you can evaluate the usefulness of the bot and check quickly the hypotheses. How many people deal with the bot, in which messenger bot is more popular than how many times they have clicked on the button "buy". You'll see after the analysis how to modify the bot. Perhaps you'll find that the idea with a bot is not perfect. Okay, actually bots aren't necessary for everyone. Though it is strange to hear it from the creators of constructor bots :)

We understand that bots are still a new and unexplained thing for business. To make it easier for understanding, we offer prepared scripts of bots for various industries. You choose the right script, see what components are the bot consist of — and make your own bot on the analogy.
About the Mission
5 years ago in order to submit electric meter, you needed to visit the site and press a bunch of buttons with a bad interface. And now courteous bot at the desired date asks how many kilowatts per month have you used. The next step of development – bot'll draw the required sum from the card and will advise you how to save electricity in the next month. Man no longer have to adapt to the language of machines. Bots help you to communicate with computer programs and things in human language.

We believe that the future belongs to bots that will save from the routine and will simplify life for the ordinary people. And we are planning to create new tools for the development of such bots. Probably text bots in its current form aren't the last stage of development, there will be other bots soon – for smart spectacles, smart contact lens and smart sperm with AI. But we are ready to adapt to all new technologies, and the constructor will be suitable for the most bot platforms available in the future.

We will be glad to cooperate and discuss new ideas. Drop us a line to botmother team, Sergey, Vitaly, Konstantin.